Herbalife Membership

A Herbalife Membership allows you to save money on your Herbalife purchases. There is absolutely no obligation to buy and no minimum or maximum spend.

You get an immediate 25% discount and you can work your way up to getting 35% and even 42% if you are using more products.

How Does It Work?

When you sign up for a membership you are signing up to be able to purchase directly from Herbalife and cut out the middleman and enjoy the savings. The majority of people who sign up for a membership do so just to get the discount for themselves and/or their family and friends.

If you are signing up just to buy the products cheaper you would sign up as a Preferred Member.

How To Sign Up Online

For us to provide you with the full information on how to sign up online, please register or login and return to this membership page. To Register/Login tap here.

Preferred Member Pack

Key Membership Benefits