Herbalife Advanced Weight Loss Pack

Advanced Pack

Our Advanced Pack takes you that one step further, by adding two new products. Herbal Tea Concentrate is a refreshing drink that is rich in antioxidants, as well as containing a select blend of distinct herbs and botanicals that will help provide you with a natural daytime lift.. Herbal Aloe Drink Concentrate assists with the cleansing of the digestive system and assists your body to absorb nutrition more efficiently.

Type Size Price Qty
Café Latte 1 Month Supply HK$2,073.00
Cookies & Cream 1 Month Supply HK$2,073.00
Dutch Chocolate 1 Month Supply HK$2,073.00
French Vanilla 1 Month Supply HK$2,073.00
Mint Chocolate 1 Month Supply HK$2,073.00
Tropical Mango 1 Month Supply HK$2,073.00
Wild Berry 1 Month Supply HK$2,073.00

Product Details

Additional Formula 1 (Optional)

If you are using this program for weight loss we recommend ordering an extra canister of Formula 1 Healthy Meal so that your supply will last you the full month. While all the other products will last you the full month, one canister of Formula 1 Healthy Meal will only last 2 weeks. Just click on "Continue Shopping" after you've added your selected pack to the cart and Formula 1 Shake Mix can be found under "Weight Loss".

Programme Outline

The Herbalife Weight Loss Programme is primarily based on healthy meal replacement and improved nutrient absorption by the body.

At the core of each programme is the meal replacement shake. This provides a fast, healthy meal with high quality protein as well as vitamins and minerals. The shake takes only a few minutes to prepare and is taken twice a day to replace two meals. The third meal, which can be either lunch or dinner should be a healthy meal containing protein and vegetables, but not too high in carbohydrates.

Additional supplements assist with healthy nutrient absorption, physical energy and the efficient elimination of waste.